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Ok...So you're interested in learning to play your instrument... ?

And you think you can do it online... ?

Maybe save some money and time... ?

And you're hoping this Library just might help you...?

My name is Dan Lefler and I've been operating a Music School in Dana Point California for many years and this Music Library is what we use to teach our students.

Four half hour lessons cost $120 per month at our Music School in Dana Point.

Here at the Library you pay only $10 per month for all the lessons you can watch... and all the music you can print.

Join the Library and start downloading video lessons and printing music files now.

Be assured you are safe at Danman's Music Library.

Est in 1987, online since 1994. Here's our HISTORY, our EBAY Store Rating 100%, our YOUTUBE CHANNEL, our FEARLESS LEADER.

And as always... NO ADS or POPUPS or REDIRECTS anywhere on the Libray site. for a bunch of free sample video lessons and sheet music printouts... go here.

Get started right away by printing these valuable music instructional printouts as my gift to you just for stopping by and checking out this Library.




Danman's is a giant online music library. No ads, pop-ups, or re-directs. Print chord charts, scale charts, sheet music. Watch 7,000 video music lessons with no ads. Print 18,000 pieces of sheet music with no pop-ups or re-directs. Beginner thru advance music student resources. Giant printable library for music teachers too. Blank staff paper for most instruments. Video courses, video books, video lessons for most instruments available on demand. Large free public access section of music files too. Aids for learning and teaching the guitar, piano, flute, violin, bass, drums, ukulele, classical guitar, and other instruments too. Started in 1988 by Dan Lefler, and online since 1994, Danman's is the first online Music Library of its kind. Parent, student, teacher, or school, Danman's can dramatically help you learn and teach your musical instrument fast, easy, and online. Check us out!

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